This isn’t “sit down, shut up” theatre.
It should be enjoyed at maximum volume.

We are The Six Twenty, a national touring theatre company and associate company of Live Theatre (Newcastle, UK). We make ambitious, immersive and innovative new theatre and head-banging re-imaginings of classics.

Setting fire to what theatre can be, we believe it should begin well before the curtain rises and long after it drops. We fuse new writing, live music, devised and verbatim theatre together to make shows that are relevant and responsive to the modern world. We think theatre works best as a social event with a reason to come early and stay late. Live and loud, it’s theatre for a good night out.

Touring throughout the UK to theatres, outdoor spaces and unexpected places.

Tremendous. Can honestly say I’ve never related to a show more than this. Tingles all over.
Audience (Fans, UK Tour)

“Excellent. A heart-warming, foot-tapping, head- banging show that is energetic, loud and tremendous fun”

Everything Theatre

“There was a standing ovation. The audience on their feet, clapping and cheering. An excited buzz as they streamed out, chatting excitedly about their favourite song, their best bit. I overheard someone say “I feel like I’ve been to an actual gig!” Filled with heart warming humour, poignant emotion, and an all-encompassing feel-good vibe. We’re most definitely fans.”



“Without a doubt the coolest concept for a show…An absolute corker of a night with a gaggle of mates.”

Ed Fringe Review

“How modern theatre should be, it’s live, it’s immersive and it makes you want to jump out of your seat and dance.”

Nights Out Newcastle