Redcoat Bitesize

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Since November 2022, The Cultural Spring commissioned us through their Bitesize project to bring Redcoat to Sunderland communities. As part of this commission we have been working with a stellar group of LGBTQIA+ young people from Sunderland called Cozmic 3phiphany to create a new sparkly version of Redcoat that would tour to five community venues across Sunderland. To find out more about Redcoat click here.

Over a series of workshops we worked with the group to develop their performative and creative skills to produce a new dance routine and also created new audio elements that were incorporated into Redcoat.

Throughout the workshops we introduced Cozmic to the different roles involved in the creative industry allowing them greater insight into potential careers and offered alternative opportunities to get creatives. Our core collaborators and team delivered workshops in producing, directing, performance, film making, marketing, technical production, movement direction and theatre devising. Through these workshops, the group we have developed their confidence, creativity and improved well being.

I do theatre outside of Cozmic but no words can describe the feeling Redcoat gave me. It felt authentic, real – not like I was wearing a mask as I performed. 
Cozmic 3piphany participant

During May and June 2023 Cozmic toured Redcoat Bitesize around five Sunderland community venues. These were: Easington Lane Community Access Point, The Volt Sunderland, Columbia Village Community Association, 17Nineteen and Redhouse Community Centre.

The aim of the tour was to engage local audiences who would not normally attend the theatre. During the tour almost 300 people came to see Redcoat, most of whom had not experienced a live performance before.

“The Six Twenty engaged Cozmic into a project that has been so meaningful and joyous. It’s been a real source of happiness to see them having such fun whilst also developing so many skills that they didn’t even realise they had. The confidence oozing from them since being part of this project has been incredible.”
Millie Roberts, Participation & Engagement Worker
Together For Children

Are you ready to Redcoat with Cozmic?

Sunderland Family Pride

As a result of Redcoat Bitesize, we are continuing to work with Cozmic 3piphany to develop new and exciting projects together. Over June and July we worked with Cozmic to support them to develop the first ever family event as part of Sunderland Pride.

Together for Children organised the event, along with the help of Cozmic 3piphany and ourselves, entertaining families with a variety of stalls, activities, and live performances.

On 8th July, Redcoat Lewis and Bonnie Love joined Cozmic 3piphany to host the main family stage as part of Sunderland Pride. This involved curating a programme of local community groups and art organisations to perform on Mowbray Park’s bandstand. This included performances by young people from across the city, including performers from the We Make Culture’s Young Musician’s project and Young Asian Voices as well as LGBTQIA+ art organisation Curious Arts. The family pride event was closed by the headline act, local singer/songwriter MXYM.

During the event, our core collaborators Steven Blackshaw and James Barton hosted our Pride Playlist Stall alongside members from Cozmic 3piphany. The stall invited families to dedicate a song to someone which formed our Sunderland Family Pride playlist.

For more information about Sunderland Pride click here.

Arizona Curry, Casper Curry, T Dickeson, Phoenix Johnson, Reven Kirkham, Amber Ranton, Gabby Roberts, Ruby Langley
Written & performed by
Lewis Jobson
Directed by
Melanie Rashbrooke
Created & devised by
Lewis Jobson
& Melanie Rashbrooke
Produced by
Emma Biggins & Steven Blackshaw

Utterly winning
The Stage

A real tonic!
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Cozmic 3piphany

Cozmic 3piphany is a group for young people who identify as LGBTQIA+ or are questioning their sexuality and/or gender identity (if you are unsure which pronouns someone uses, just politely ask them).

The group represents the voices of LGBTQIA+ young people in Sunderland, campaigning for change and championing LGBTQIA+ inclusion. The group provides a confidential space facilitated by specially trained workers who ensure members feel heard, valued and safe. Cozmic 3piphany is supported by Together for Children.

For more information about Cozmic 3phiphany, scan the QR code overleaf or get in touch at


Redcoat is available to tour. For programming information contact producer Steven Blackshaw