What’s Mixtape

“The coolest concept for a show”  Ed Fringe Review
“Brilliantly entertaining”  BBC
Mixtape is what happens when you mix comedy sketches, song lyrics and a music quiz together.

Guess the songs inspiring the sketches to be in with the chance of winning one of our highly coveted Golden Mixtapes. Grab a team, a drink (or several) and come and play with us!

After multiple sell-out gigs at Live Theatre and the Underbelly Edinburgh Festival Fringe we continue to push the boundaries of comedy with our lyrically inspired quiz tomfoolery.

THE MIXTAPE RULES (yeah, we have rules)
  1. Only lyrics from the song the sketch is inspired by can be used in the sketch
  2. Lyrics can be repeated and reordered. But no additional words can be used (bar the occasional ad-lib…or expletive)
  3. The running time of the sketch mustn’t be longer than the running time of the track that inspired it
  4. The music can be anything – as long as it fits within that show’s theme

Each of our shows are themed. From 1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll to 80s Flash-dancing. From boy band routines to Britpop attitude. You can find out what gigs + themes we have coming up here.

Whilst a few of the sketches are improvised, Mixtape features skits written by some of the most exciting comedy writers around.

Who are we? Find out more about the people in (and behind) Mixtape here

So, you’re a history buff? Click here to find out more about our backstory.

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