By Mhairi Ledgerwood
Directed by Melanie Rashbrooke
Performed by Amy Foley and Chris Foley

With the Earth under water, Victoria now lives on a ‘21st Century Noah’s Ark’. It’s here that she meets the heroic Alex who tries to help her adapt to her new life in space. But can Victoria escape the memories of her old life on earth and what will she do in order to survive? ParkLife explores an alternate universe where the Earth has been destroyed. It examines the choices we make and how our memories shape us.

ParkLife began life as a short play in 2014. It was part of the Live Theatre’s Live Lab 10 Minutes To.. talent development scheme, which helps develop new partnerships between writers, directors and performers. The piece was written in response to the theme 10 Minutes To..Save The Earth.

ParkLife was developed as part of Live Theatre’s Live Lab Elevator festival of new work. It brought together the show’s original cast and creative team who first worked together as part of 10 Minutes To… at Live Theatre. Since 2014 the piece has been supported by Live Theatre and Live Lab to be developed into an hour long piece, which was presented as part of a Double Bill in February 2017.

ParkLife is supported by Live Theatre and using public funding by Arts Council England.