ParkLife Rehearsals, Day 3

Day Three, Friday 3rd February


No rehearsal on Thursday as Amy is working on another project, so we’re back on Friday at 1.30pm. Or rather, everyone else is back at 1.30pm. I arrive at 1.40pm, apologetic and out of breath, after running down the hill to Live Theatre. Having smugly arrived at Newcastle City Library at 10am to make some script changes, I discover that I don’t have the most recent copy of the script saved and have to redo part of it again.

Thankfully the rest of the company take this all in their stride and rehearsal begins. We do the memory exercise from the other day. On Wednesday Chris had described his evening and two days later, we try to recall bits of it. This is good at showing the effect that time has on memories, as we release which bits stand out and which bits we’re more likely to forget.

We go further into the script and discuss the lives of characters on the spaceship. The premise in the play is that the earth has flooded and Victoria and Alex are among those rescued. We discuss what their lives on board must be like. When writing the script, I thought of it being like a large cruise ship. So in my head, the spaceship has all the usual recreational facilities e.g. bars, cinema etc. One scene has the characters playing table tennis. One of my best rehearsal memories to date will now be watching Melanie choreographing an imaginary game of table tennis. In space.

We spend the latter part of the rehearsal with Amy, going over one of her monologues in the play. This includes a section where we hear the song Parklife played. We have to work out what parts of the song to play and how that can be edited together. And we discuss what music will be heard at the end of the play. 

And that’s it! First week done. Rehearsals will continue next week which sadly I can’t join until the weekend, so I will hand over the blog for now. Don’t forget that tickets can be bought at We’re on Wednesday 22nd & Friday 24th February as part of a double bill with the fab Cloakroom Theatre

Thanks for reading!

Mhairi x