Fans of FANS

Share your passion for music with fellow music lovers

A chance for you music lovers out there to come together, over a cup of tea (or something a little stronger), and share your tales of fandom with us and each other.

FANS : 1-2-3 1-2-3 1-2-3 drink

We’re organising a series of informal FANS Club gatherings throughout the North East.
FANS: Rockin' out

We’ll listen to music, play a few music games and share stories. It’s a chance to meet new people who share a passion for music regardless of the genre.

FANS: stylish band shot & on brand

You’ll also be contributing to our new show FANS, which explores what it means to be a fan of music.

FANS: The Instant band

If you’re interested in getting involved you can also drop us an email on and we’ll let you know about any FANS Clubs coming up near you.

FANS: Actually we're professional musicians

If you’re not in the North East you can still share your stories with us and get involved by uploading your stories to our online portal.


We’re crowdsourcing stories online too. Upload your stories, videos, photos, set lists and fan memorabilia to our FANS History Pin:

FANS: Pure perfection in a note
Your stories could be featured in the show or as part of the pre-show exhibition.

FANS: Yeah!

FANS is supported by Arts Council England and has been selected for this year’s Bridging the Gap scheme (an initiative designed to aid the creation of new theatre work within the North East region) and is supported by The Sunday for Sammy Trust.

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FANS: grungy band shot

FANS: I'll hum it first

FANS: About to go to the private party

FANS: Maybe time for a guitar solo

FANS: All the way from Colorado

FANS : Quiet night out

FANS: We've been to this show before!



FANS: We will rock you

FANS: We brought our own gear


FANS: Rock star family


FANS: This time play it in Green Day colours

FANS: In search of the lost chord