A darkly comic look at our endless battle to do more. BUSY explores the busyness epidemic that’s overwhelming many of us.

‘Welcome to workaholics anonymous. If everyone could please turn off their phones’

The endless hurrying between meetings. Racing for trains. Not enough time for lunch. And somehow getting the kids out the door with only seconds to spare. Have we become addicted?

BUSY takes a darkly comic look at our addiction to being busy and our endless battle with wanting to do more. Based on real confessions from self-confessed workaholics, this devised ensemble piece fuses verbatim, devised and scripted drama together.

In BUSY the eternal problem of finding happiness is pitted against our insatiable desire to achieve more, do more and be more. Join The Six Twenty for this wry and haunting look at the busyness epidemic that’s overwhelming many of us.

This is a work-in-progress sharing of a new idea taking place in Alphabetti Theatre’s new Rehearsal Room space. Extracts from the piece will be shared to see how the idea and future show will be shaped.