Breakfast Hearts / Choirplay

Written by Robin French
Directed by Melanie Rashbrooke
Produced by Ellie Claughton
Technical Manager Charlotte Woods

In 2015 The Six Twenty presented a double-bill of piercingly funny plays by award-winning writer Robin French (Cuckoo, BBC3) exploring what it means to live and love in the modern world. The shows enjoyed a sell out run at Live Theatre in Newcastle.

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‘The magnificent double bill presented wonderfully fast-paced constructions of amusing appeal that succeeded in captivating the hearts of the audience’
Cuckoo Reviews

‘Surprising and very different. The acting and direction is sharp… Quirky, funny, thought-provoking and pretty bizarre’ Break a Leg (blog)

What people said… 

‘Innovative, thrilling and brilliantly dark’

‘Bloody brilliant. Loved it. Can’t wait to see what you do next’ 


“I take no pleasure in saying this Roy, but I’m going to have to eat you”

Breakfast Hearts is a dark comedy following two mismatched couples determined to find love. This sharp satire offers a startling exploration of the harsh realities of relationships. And cannibalism.

Charlotte – Alex Tahnée
Philip – Stan Hodsgon
Sarah – Katie Powell
Roy – Steven Blackshaw
Gary – Chris Foley
Marilyn – Amy Foley


“I bought a CD today because I was feeling unhappy. I put it next to the CD I bought last week”

Featuring a cast of nine, Choirplay takes a wry and cynical swipe at our endless battle with wanting more. Society’s individuals blend to become one in this hauntingly compelling play of voices searching for the ultimate fulfilment of true happiness. Choirplay is an audacious experiment with form and style in which the eternal problem of finding happiness is pitted against our insatiable desire for never-ending choice.

Alex Tahnée, Stan Hodsgon, Katie Powell, Steven Blackshaw, Chris Foley, Amy Foley, Glen Collier, Jessica Dawson and Zoë Hakin