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ParkLife Rehearsals, Day 1

Day One, Tuesday 31st January. Excited Excited Excited I’m so excited. After 10 minutes, 2 workshops, 1 chat with the Literary Team at Live Theatre (Where I spilled tea on myself. My advice – never accept a hot beverage in a meeting), a few further chats, numerous drafts, and a read through – we are […]

ParkLife Rehearsals, Day 3

Day Three, Friday 3rd February No rehearsal on Thursday as Amy is working on another project, so we’re back on Friday at 1.30pm. Or rather, everyone else is back at 1.30pm. I arrive at 1.40pm, apologetic and out of breath, after running down the hill to Live Theatre. Having smugly arrived at Newcastle City Library […]

ParkLife, Rehearsals Day 2

Day Two, Wednesday 1st February. I skip into rehearsals having seen leaflets for the Live Lab Elevator week in the foyer downstairs. My career to date has included scratch nights and two hour long rehearsed readings. While ParkLife will be presented as work-in-development, the actors will be off book and the play will be presented […]