1-on-1 Interviews

We’re creating a new show all about music fans and we want to collect as many fan stories and memories as we can. If you’ve ever been a fan of music then we’d love to hear from you. Anyone can contribute.

1-on-1 Interviews

We’re interviewing North East music fans. If you’re based in the North East, interested in being interviewed and have a fan story to share then drop us a line on info@thesixtwenty.com with ‘I’m a fan’ in the subject line expressing your interest.

These short 1-on-1 interviews (which will be audio recorded) will take place in and around Newcastle, Stockton, Alnwick and Washington.

Other ways that you can get involved with FANS

Upload your own

We’re crowdsourcing stories online too. Upload your stories, videos, photos, soundbites, set lists and fan memorabilia to our FANS History Pin: http://bit.ly/FANSTORIES

Your stories could be featured in the show or as part of the pre-show exhibition.


A chance for people to come together, over a cup of tea (or something stronger), and share fan stories with each other.

We’re organising a series of informal FANS Clubs where we’ll play some fan inspired party games, listen to music and share stories. It’s a chance to meet new people who share a passion for music regardless of the genre.  Times and locations will be announced soon.