Since Autumn 2022, East Durham Creates commissioned us through their Untold Stories project to engage men across East Durham to co-create a new project that celebrates their hobbies, interests and fandoms. As part of this commission we have been working with men’s crees and community groups in Blackhall, Horden, Trimdon Station, Eastlea, Thornley, Shotton and Easington.

We have been engaging men through story-telling workshops, giving participants a space to share with us their passions, hobbies and interests. They are working with us to co-create a new performance and exhibition that celebrates these untold stories. This includes working to develop a script through theatre making, devising and storytelling workshops, audio design and music curation workshops to develop the soundscape for the show and set building workshops to co-design and develop a tourable set and exhibition.

As part of this project participants have shared their wealth of skills with us and invited us to partake in their hobbies. It has been a joy to learn how to bowl, build Meccano, pigeon fancy, beekeeping, wrestle to name a few. We have been able to learn and share skills, passions and hobbies with one another allowing us to understand why these fandoms are so important to each person.

This project is a celebration of local men and their untold stories of fandom. It’s about their passions and the things that bring them joy. It’s about championing the local heroes that are right on your doorstep.

Over the past year we, at The Six Twenty, have been connecting with local men, of all ages, to learn all about the things they love. Join us at Blackhall Community Centre for a short work-in-progress performance where these stories will be shared for the first time alongside the communtities that have inspired them. After the performance you’ll have the chance to share your thoughts and have your say on how the project will develop. We have lots of ideas about what could happen next but we really need your help to decide!

Plus, you’ll also have the chance to share your own stories, learn a new hobby and make some new friends over lunch.

We can’t wait to meet you and hear your stories!