‘Welcome to workaholics anonymous. If everyone could please turn off their phones’

BUSY is a darkly comic look at our endless battle to do and be more.The endless hurrying between meetings. Racing for trains. Not enough time for lunch. And somehow getting the kids out the door with only seconds to spare. Have we become addicted?

Building on the immersive and interactive nature of Fans (UK Tour, 2018), our next show BUSY will explore the busyness epidemic that is overwhelming many of us.
BUSY is a high-octane, fast-paced and immersive show based on real confessions from self-confessed workaholics. This is a dark, comic and emotional look at our addiction to being busy and our endless battle with wanting to do and achieve more. This devised ensemble piece fuses verbatim and devised drama with live music and projection. Collaborating with community groups across the UK, we’ll look at the rise of 24/7 culture, what it’s like to live in today’s busy obsessed society and how we can help each other become a little less stressed. “How long does it take for you to reach for your first shot of email in the morning? Followed shortly by a coffee. And then the day starts to rush in.”“The stresses of modern-day living are putting considerable strain on family life, with one in ten Brits (10%) saying the last time they spent quality time with their family was over a year ago, or not at all.” British Heart Foundation (2019)