Side A: Track 2

Track: Don’t Worry Baby
Artist: The Beach Boys

Dedicated to: Dad
From: Elijah


I’m dedicating this song to my Dad and also of course to the beach, specifically Saltburn. 

Right now, I really miss my dad and I proper miss the coast so of course together that gives you The Beach Boys. 

When it was my birthday in lockdown I remembered the birthday I spent with my Dad at home. We went to the coast, had a lemon top and one of those long chats. He’s really good at those. 

I remember the times growing up where he would play “Good Vibrations” and we would dance all around the living room. 

Don’t Worry Baby is my Keep Calm and Carry On anthem. It’s come in handy over the past couple of months. Every time I listen to it, I can just hear him singing (terribly) along to it. That makes me smile. .